Various pages of the ASBS site differ in their copyrights, as explained below:

Pages which can be copied freely

The articles by Lawrence Stevens and Peter McWilliams were copied from other sites. They can be copied freely. Stevens is an activist, so he wants to spread his message. McWilliams explains his Philosophy of Created Stuff, which has a more general motivation.

Pages which can be copied with some restrictions

The articles by Robert Ingersoll were copied from the Secular Web. Those articles, and many more are available at the Secular Web: Their Copyright allows copying under certain circumstances.

Articles written by EverDawn (as only author) are licensed under a Creative Commons License: Creative Commons License

The purpose of applying the creative commons license is to allow others to copy and modify their copies, thereby distributing and improving the knowledge and resources which may be of interest for the ash subculture. The license also provides insurance that the files can live on in case something happens to the asbs site or its owners. Note that most of the pages which have no indication of an author were authored either by EverDawn or SR-71a, so if you want to copy those, you will have to ask who is the author.

Pages which are copyrighted

All other articles are Copyright 2001-2006 by ASBS members. Please email the web mistress for permission to re-use any of those pages elsewhere.

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